Aquaterra Featured in Ocean Titans, A Docuseries Highlighting Business Leaders in Ocean Conservation  


The World Ocean Council (WOC), in partnership with Special Interest Films, is producing Ocean Titans, a series of films focused on pioneers in ocean sciences and industries. The films aim to highlight those who are preserving and fostering healthy oceanic environments for the benefit of future generations, while also ensuring the growth of responsible, environmentally conscientious businesses.

Nuseed was selected for this series because the producers were impressed with Aquaterra Advanced Omega-3, the proprietary omega-3 oil derived from Nuseed Omega-3 Canola. This agricultural technology applies biotechnology to produce the nutrition of microalgae within renewable canola. Aquaterra is reducing dependence on marine resources and facilitating aquaculture’s sustainable growth with a novel source of essential nutrition.

The eight-minute film is now available to view on Reuters in an Ocean Titans series episode titled, “Producing Sustainable Plant-Based Omega-3,” as well as down below. The film highlights Nufarm’s commitment to innovation and the story behind Nuseed’s development of Aquaterra®, the world’s first land-based source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids.Aquaculture has doubled in the past twenty years, now accounting for more than half of all the fish consumed. It can double again if there is a sufficient supply of omega-3 to support fish health without compromising ocean health. We invite you to watch this episode of the Ocean Titans series, so you can see for yourself how Aquaterra is facilitating aquaculture’s growth while reducing pressure on marine resources.