Aquaterra® Research Review Published in Aquaculture International


Over the last few years, several feeding trials published in leading scientific journals have shown that Aquaterra omega-3 canola oil is not only safe for consumption by farmed fish, but also that fish fed diets rich in this alternative source of omega-3 fatty acids display the same growth and performance benefits as fish fed traditional fish oil-based feeds.

Published in the journal Aquaculture International, the article, Evaluation of long-chain omega-3 canola oil on Atlantic salmon growth, performance, and essential fatty acid tissue accretion across the life cycle: a review, highlights three objectives common to each of the studies. 

  1. To evaluate the safety of omega-3 canola oil as an ingredient in salmon feed,
  2. To determine the effectiveness of omega-3 canola oil in fueling salmon growth
  3. To measure whether omega-3 canola oil’s beneficial fatty acids were deposited in salmon tissues

Dr. Barbara Davis, Ph.D., R.D., the scientific and nutrition lead for Aquaterra, noted that, “Our review really pulls together the body of research conducted not only by Nofima researchers to understand the significance of Aquaterra as a source of omega-3 for fish but also large, on-farm trials that demonstrate the importance of this oil from a commercial perspective.” The studies consistently demonstrated that omega-3 canola oil is safe as a fish feed ingredient over the span of their life cycle, from fingerlings to harvest, and poses no negative health impacts on farmed salmon. In addition, fish fed with feed containing omega-3 canola oil grew at the same rate as those fed fish oil-based fish feeds. 

But perhaps most importantly, beneficial fatty acids (ALA, EPA and DHA) were deposited in the fillets of the farmed salmon fed the Aquaterra-based diet resulting in a low omega-6:omega-3. Increased amounts of omega-3 relative to omega-6 in human diets are associated with decreased inflammatory response and promoting improved health.

Ultimately, the studies show that fish fed diets containing Aquaterra omega-3 canola oil are a sustainable source of these beneficial fatty acids for people seeking to eat healthier, more balanced diets. This is not only critical to human health, but the health of Earth’s oceans as well. As the world’s population has grown, so too has the demand for farmed fish. Aquaculture has been heavily reliant on fish oil to provide farmed fish with the LCPUFAs (long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids) they need for optimal growth and nutrition. But current ocean fish populations cannot regenerate fast enough to meet rapidly increasing omega-3 oil needs. Aquaterra offers a key means of preventing supply gaps and facilitating aquaculture’s growth.

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