Aquaterra® from Nuseed is a superior omega-3 oil with a unique fatty-acid profile. Aquaterra delivers enhanced production performance by elevating the omega-3 levels needed for higher-quality nutritious fish

Performance Proven in Commercial Farm Trials

Aquaterra is derived from a sustainable, traceable plant-based source, reducing pressure on marine sources. As third party Nofima research demonstrates, Aquaterra delivers quality, from seed through fillet.

Learn more in the recent release of our whitepaper where we walk you through:

The importance and benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids for human and fish nutrition

The benefits of Aquaterra Omega-3 oil and how it provides a unique fatty acid profile that leads to improved nutritional status of the fish and maintains the composition of fatty acids in the fillet that are valued by the consumer market.

Industry trials that confirm Aquaterra Omega-3 oil a safe and effective partial replacement of fish oil.

How Aquaterra Omega-3 contributes to the sustainable development of the industry, while satisfying the nutritional requirements and certification standards of commercially raised salmon.

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Superior Omega-3 for Impressive Performance

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